Eid 2015 Timings

The RTA has announced the timings for the Dubai Ferry on the occasion of Eid al Fitr 2015 and they are as follows:

Al Ghubaiba Ferry Terminal

11am, 1pm and 6.30pm – trip to Marina
2.30pm to Al Mamzar (Thursday and Friday)
3pm and 5pm – One hour Round Trip

Marina Ferry Terminal

11am, 1pm and 6.30pm – trip to Al Ghubaiba
3pm and 5pm – One hour Round Trip – tourist route passing Atlantis

Al Mamzar Ferry Terminal

Thursday and Friday
4.30pm – One hour trip around Al Mamzar lake
6.00pm – Trip to Al Ghubaiba station


11 thoughts on “Eid 2015 Timings”

    1. The Al Ghubaiba ferry station is a minute’s walk from the Metro station of the same name, very near where the abras leave from at the creek.

  1. Hi, I am holding Emirates NBD Gold credit card. Please advise if I am eligible for free ride. We are planning for trip on 23 Sep or 25th Sep?
    Await yours

  2. I would like to inquire regarding the Dubai Ferry. I am a holder of Emirates NBD and would like to avail the free ride. Please advise thank you.

    1. I believe that the free tickets are available every 3rd Friday of the month from Al Ghubaiba but I would confirm these details with Emirates NBD.

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