Dubai Ferry – Ramadan 2015 Timings

The RTA has announced the timings for the Dubai Ferry during the holy month of Ramadan 2015 and there are some changes to the schedule so you should check this out before embarking for a trip:

Most notably there is now only one ‘tourist trip’ running from Dubai Marina and the other trips are from Marina to Al Ghubaiba and vice versa.

Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina – 11am and 6.30pm

Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba – 11am and 6.30pm

Tourist Trip from Dubai Marina – 5pm

These trips run every day.

4 thoughts on “Dubai Ferry – Ramadan 2015 Timings”

  1. Hi! What are the trip timings on July 18, 2015, is there a 1pm Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina Trip? Thanks

  2. on Monday, 22nd of June, we were at Marina mall to take The Ferry, but departure at 11 am was cancelled. Please let me know, at what time the ferry will depart today (25th of June from Dubai Marina

    1. Unfortunately they sometimes cancel trips if there are not enough passengers and the only way you know is by going there when the ferry is due to depart and hoping there are enough people wanting to go in that trip.

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