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New Year’s Eve 2021/22

new years eve dubai ferryThe RTA has for many years now organised trips on the Dubai Ferry to see the New year’s Eve fireworks and this year is no different. These trips are always very popular and sell out fast so if you want to get tickets then check out the information below and contact the RTA on the email or number listed.

Here are the details: Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2021/22

Ferry Services for New Year’s Eve 2020/21

Dubai Ferry services for New Year's Eve
The annual Dubai ferry trip for New Year’s Eve is on again this year.

Once again, the RTA has announced that there will be special Dubai Ferry services for New Year’s Eve this year.  The trips will run from 3 marine transport stations and will cost 300 dirhams for silver class and 450 dirhams for the gold class tickets. For full details of when they run and how to get tickets please see below: Continue reading Ferry Services for New Year’s Eve 2020/21

Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve 2019/20

Every year the RTA organises Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve trips to enable people to go and see the fireworks in different locations in the Emirate.

These trips are always very popular with the public and sell out quite quickly. This year is no exception and the RTA has extended the trips that it is offering to more locations. Continue reading Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve 2019/20

Dubai Ferry – New Year’s Eve 2018/19

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled special offers and fine services involving a highly enjoyable experience of spectacular fireworks on the New Year ’s Eve (Monday 31 December 2018) aboard marine transit modes (Dubai Ferry, Waterbus and Abra). The event underlines RTA’s efforts to bring joy and entertainment to various residences, visitors and tourists descending on Dubai from all over the world to celebrate this annual event.

“This service is offered in the context of RTA’s continuous efforts to engage with customers and offer them a superb opportunity to savour the thrilling fireworks display of the city on the New Year’s Eve, while on aboard marine transit modes (Dubai Ferry, Water Bus and Abra). Watching the stunning fireworks from Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis during a charming tour of the Dubai Waterfront is bound to bring unforgettable memories to marine transit riders including residents, visitors and tourists,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

Individuals interested in availing this service can call RTA’s dial-free number (8009090) or mobile phone number 050-7932662 to learn more about the Water Bus, Dubai Ferry and abra journeys. Dubai Ferry cruises will start from 09:30 pm on the New Year’s Eve and continue up to 01:30 am. The Water Bus and abra trips will start at 10:30 pm and end at 01:30 am. The Water Bus service will offer service from the Marina Mall (Dubai Marina) Station at a fare of AED 125 for adults, children under 2 for free.

Dubai Ferry trips will start the journey from Marina Mall Station (Dubai Marina), Ghubaiba Station, and Al Seef Station (Dubai Creek). The fare is AED300 for silver class and AED450 for gold class, with 50% discount for children aged 2 to 10, and free for infants (less than two). Abra will start the journey from Dubai Festival City, Jaddaf Station and Ghubaiba Station at a fare of AED 125 for adults, and free for infants less than 2 years.

 “RTA would wish to avail this opportunity to share the joyful moments with jubilant celebrators of the New Year. Dubai would be turned out in a festive gear in places like the iconic Burj Khalifa; the tallest building in the world and the Dubai Water Canal. The service displays RTA’s excellent marine transit services on the day, and its efforts to bring happiness to customers, especially marine transport riders,” added Bahrozyan.

“The Dubai Ferry, Water Bus, and the abras have special appeal to Dubai residents, visitors and tourists, thanks to the attractive coastal line of the city, which boasts of an array of fabulous tourist icons such as the World Islands, Nakheel Islands, and the Dubai Water Canal among other tourist destinations and deluxe hotels. The launch of this premium service will add fresh momentum to the marine transit modes during the event,” concluded Bahrozyan.

Dubai Ferry – New Years Eve 2017/18

dubai ferry new year 2017/18
The RTA runs ferry trips at New Year to see the fireworks in Dubai
New Years Eve

Every year the RTA run special ferry trips for New Years Eve (31st December) to enable passengers to get a good view of the festivities that are happening over the Emirate and in particular the fireworks at the various venues.

This year is no exception and the RTA has in fact increased the number of trips that it will be running for 31st December 2017 by laying on extra boats at additional locations.

Trip Details

The RTA has announced that the trips will run from Marina Mall Station (Dubai Marina), Ghubaiba Station, Dubai Festival City Station (Dubai Creek) and Sheikh Zayed Road Station (Dubai Water Canal). However, there is no ferry stop at Festival City so we are checking to see if this is actually from Al Jadaf.

The trips all commence at 9pm (with boarding from 8.30pm) and go on until 1.30am allowing passengers a full evening’s viewing of the festivities from the water.

Last year there was no seating on the ferry trips so this may well be the case this year too.


Tickets for these New Year ferry trips often sell out very fast and we get many queries on this website about how and when people can buy tickets for New Years Eve in Dubai.

This year details have been announced earlier than usual which gives people more time to book.

Ticket prices are 300 AED for silver class tickets and 450 AED for gold class. Children between 2 and 10 years old pay half price and under 2s go free.

If you want to buy your tickets then you need to go to the relevant departure point where you wish to take the trip and book at the ticket office there.

There is no other way of booking at the moment. If you are not in the country at present then you will need to find someone to book for you.

You can get further information about the trips by calling the RTA on the toll free number 800 9090 or else use the mobile number 050 7932662.

This year is set to be bigger and better than ever!


UPDATE: There are refreshments available on board to purchase as there is a small refreshment bar on the Ferries. You can also bring your own small snacks and soft drinks with you. There is no meal included in the ticket price.


Dubai Ferry Timings for Eid al Fitr 2017

The RTA has announced the timings for the Dubai Ferry for the holiday of Eid al Fitr 2017.

Normal Timings

The ferry services will all return to their normal timings after some of them were suspended for Ramadan and you can see the specific details of the timings and trips here.

Additional Trip

In addition to the standard trips, a new trip has been added for Eid al Fitr which is a round trip service from Sheikh Zayed Road Station that will operate between 6pm and Midnight.

The trip lasts around an hour and the cost is the same as the standard trips that run from the Marina and Al Ghubaiba – i.e. 50 dirhams for Silver class and 75 dirhams for Gold class. It is free for under 5s and full price for over 5s.

It is a round trip that departs and returns to Sheikh Zayed Road Station and does not stop at any other marine stations.

A summary of the trips running throughout Eid is shown below:


Watch Al Gaffal from Dubai Ferry

Once again in 2017 the RTA is offering spectators the chance to watch the traditional dhow race known as Al Gaffal from the Dubai Ferry.

The race takes place on Saturday 13th May 2017 in the waters around the Burj al Arab.

The traditional dhow boat race aims to remind people of the historic past of the UAE and to revive old customs.

Anyone who wishes to watch the race from the Dubai Ferry can contact one of these numbers for tickets: 050 2182767 or 056 2190276.