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Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve 2019/20

Every year the RTA organises Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve trips to enable people to go and see the fireworks in different locations in the Emirate.

These trips are always very popular with the public and sell out quite quickly. This year is no exception and the RTA has extended the trips that it is offering to more locations. Continue reading Dubai Ferry New Year’s Eve 2019/20

Online Booking Available

The RTA has been announcing for a few years on their website that online booking for the Dubai Ferry would soon be available.

This is now the case for a limited number of options but it is not booked through the RTA website, instead you can book through the website for the Burj Khalifa.

The options available are to book one of the ferry trips that runs from Dubai Marina or from Al Ghubaiba.

You can book either the round trips that run from the Marina at 3pm and 5pm, or you can book the trips that run to and from the Marina and Al Ghubaiba at 11am, 1pm and 6.30pm. These trips all cost 50 dirhams for adults in the silver class cabin.

At present there are only options to book tickets for adults and children in the silver class cabin and not the gold class. You also cannot yet book tickets to go on the ferry down the Dubai Water Canal.

You can also only book tickets up to a maximum of 30 days in advance.

For the round trips (3pm and 5pm), children under 2 go free and children aged 2-10 pay half price. For the one way trips, children 5 and under go free and 6-12 pay half price.

There is a booking fee of 5 dirhams per ticket applied to the total cost when you book online.

There is also the option to book a combined ferry and Burj Khalifa ticket online. This enables you to also get off-peak access to the viewing platform at the Burj Khalifa on the same day. (185 AED)

The link to the booking page is here.

Please note that available booking options may change.