Dubai Water Canal Marine Station

With the commencement of services on the Dubai Ferry in the Dubai Water Canal, there have been a number of questions and comments on this site about those services and whether they are actually running.

The Dubai Water Canal is definitely a work in progress and there is still a lot of work to be done before the whole area along the canal is finished and it looks likely that this will take some time despite the work being ongoing right now.

However, the ferry services are running as advertised. Some of the stations may not be so easy to find as they seem to be in the middle of somewhat deserted areas, and the Dubai Water Canal Station is one of those, but it is there!

In terms of the Dubai Water Canal Station, you can approach it along the Beach Road from either side as it is pretty well signposted, but it is on the Deira side of the canal so that might be the approach of choice.

Once you take the slip road towards the sea, on the right side of the bridge that crosses the canal, you need to follow a bit of a winding path through somewhat deserted roads until you come to a small parking area just in front of the marine station.

The roads do look like they are still being built and the parking area is not too busy but you will see the Dubai Canal Marine Transport Station in front of you.


The current timings of the ferry from the Dubai Water Canal Station are as per below – please note that if they are changed in future, they will be updated on the Routes/Timings page so it is probably worth checking there for up to date information.

Ferry Direction 1 2 3
To Al Jaddaf 12:05 14:05 19:35
To Al Ghubaiba 11:50 13:50 19:20
To Dubai Marina 11:50 13:50 19:20

5 thoughts on “Dubai Water Canal Marine Station”

  1. I have travelled from the Dubai Water Canal station to Jaddaf three times and found it easy to find, although it looks as if it’s off the beaten track! I enjoy the trip immensely and the crew are pleasant and polite. It is fun to then take the abra from Al Jaddaf to Festival City which runs every 10 minutes.

  2. Will all ferry routes be open tomorrow Wed? I went yesterday AM and the service was interrupted due to strong winds but this site didn’t alert about that.

    1. Hi Felipe, we are not in a position to provide daily updates on the weather and running of the services. Please call the RTA on 800 9090 if you are in any doubt about whether services will be running.

  3. It is impossible to take a taxi from this station, and it is a problem if you ate with kids.
    If infrastructure still in rogress, please, make next stop as a default

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