Family Packages for Dubai Ferry

According to Gulf Today, the RTA has announced that it is providing some family packages for trips on the Dubai Ferry during Dubai Summer Surprises. According to the report, the packages are for 2 adults and 2 children and reduced the cost of tickets by 10% from 225Dhs  to 210Dhs for Gold Class and 150Dhs to 140Dhs for Silver class. You can find the report here.

Now, according to our mathematics that does not really equate to 10%! 10% off a 225 dirham package should go down to 202.5 dirhams and 10% off 150 dirhams goes down to 135 dirhams. So really it’s not a great saving but it’s better than nothing!


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  1. I would like to inquire about the Dubai ferry or water taxi for New Years Eve to see the fireworks. Please advise what are the options available.

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