Can I Take My Bike on Dubai Ferry?

If you are wondering if you can take your bike onto the Dubai Ferry then you may be interested to see that some new rules have just been introduced as of 8th December 2020. This makes it easier for people to get to and from the Ferry without needing additional public transport or walking.

The announcement from the RTA is as follows:

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has allowed ferry riders to accompany their flexible transit means, such as bikes and scooters, onboard. The initiative aims to bring happiness to riders and enhance the integration between the existing flexible mobility means, marine transit modes and the entire public transport network. This diversity of public transport services will also increase the ridership and encourage tourism in the Emirate.

“About 8 accompanied bikes/scooters will be allowed onboard the Dubai Ferry without any extra cost to encourage ferry riders to benefit from this initiative and to reduce the reliance on private transport. We opted to utilise the area at the back of the ferry to stow flexible mobility means safely, without disturbing the boarding or alighting of passengers,” said Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Hashmi, Director of Marine Transport, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

“We are capitalising on the existing flexible mobility infrastructure in Dubai and seeking to link it with Dubai Ferry lines to enable riders to move smoothly across Dubai along with their individual mobility means, such as bikes and scooters. The step will offer riders greater flexibility and accessibility to their final destinations or designated tracks for practising daily activities without obliging them to use vehicles,” added Al Hashmi.

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Ferry service operates 9 boats on two main lines: The coastal line between Al Ghubaiba Station and the Marina Mall via the Water Canal Station, and the Sharjah Aquarium Station. The Marine Transport Department is mulling the expansion of the service to match the urbanisation and the master plan of marine transport 2020-2030.

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