Al Jadaf Ferry Terminal

2023 Update – this route no longer runs. Check the routes page for more info.

This is a spotlight post on Al Jadaf Ferry Terminal. This is the starting point  for ferry trips that run up the Dubai Water Canal to the Marine Station there.

Al Jadaf Waiting Room
There is a comfortable waiting room at Al Jadaf with customer toilets.

Walk From the Metro

Al Jadaf Marine Station is only a short walk from the Creek Metro station. It takes only a couple of minutes to walk from the Metro station to the Marine Station. Upon arrival at the Marine Station there is an air conditioned waiting room with seats where you can await your ferry or abra trip.

From Al Jadaf Marine Station you can not only get a ferry trip up the canal, you can also get an abra trip over to Festival City, which only takes a few minutes and so is a good route over that way if you do not have a car.

Dubai Ferry at Al Jadaf
The ferry leaves from Al Jadaf 3 times a day.

3 Trips

Ferries leave 3 times a day to go up the canal from Al Jadaf at 10am, 12pm and 5.30pm. The full trip takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to Dubai Water Canal Station where you can link up with the ferries that go to Dubai marina and Al Ghubaiba.

Sunset on the Burj Khalifa
You get a fabulous view on the 5.30pm ferry from Al Jadaf.
Sunset Trip

If you take the 5.30pm trip from Al Jadaf in the cooler months then you can see the sun set  over the Burj Khalifa, so this is a lovely trip to take.

You could go as far as the Sheikh Zayed Road station (this is 4 stops and will cost 40 dirhams in silver class). Once you get there – it arrives at 6.55pm – you can wait for 5 minutes to see the spectacle of the colourful waterfall on the bridge over the canal.

Dubai Water Canal Waterfall Lights
The light show starts at 7pm on the Water Canal.

From here you can take a walk along the canal and go over any of the new bridges there, or you can walk to the nearest Metro station, Business Bay, which will take you about 15 minutes.

An evening trip on the ferry along the canal is a great trip to take if you have visitors staying with you in Dubai. It gives you a great view of some key sights in Dubai and is a nice relaxing journey.  The 5.30pm trip also gives you time to get dinner at one of the nearby hotels. The W Hotel Dubai Al Habtoor City is just across the road from the Ferry Stop.

7 thoughts on “Al Jadaf Ferry Terminal”

  1. This route, so perfectly described, just doesn’t exist any more. I read this article on the official page of dubai ferral, took my time (I’m on vacation), took my money, went to Al Jadaf and finally was told that this route doesn’t exist any more. Maybe it hasn’t been existed for a couple of years already.
    I don’t know how to thank you, the official cite of dubai ferry for all this experience. Dubai is the best place for tourists, indeed.

    1. Hi Igor, yes this route no longer runs – you can find current routes on this page. I have updated the page to make this obvious, thank you for your comment.

  2. thank you so much for your help. i appreciate it. i guess evening is only option but you mentioned that there is no return trip back to jaddaf station. so i guess it wonr happen as we need ride back. if there is a possibility of catching the ferry back to jaddaf station in the evening or sunset please let me know. orherwise i appreciate your help very much!

  3. Thank you so very much for your help. I’ll be coming with my parents ( 3 adults in total) from festival city with abra to al jadaf station. The only thing is that i need to be at 1:45 back to festival city mall. Do you think it is doable to catch 10 am ride to dubai water canal ( where the waterfall falls from the highway into the cannal) and be back to festival city mall by 1:45.
    Not sure what is the name of that station where the waterfall falls from the highway into canal, but that’s the station we were hoping to see and then go back.
    your opinion and feedback is very valuable. I appreciate it!

    1. The waterfall is at Sheikh Zayed Road station but I believe it only operates in the evenings. You could get the 10am ferry there which gets in at 11.25am and then you would have to get the 12.25am back but that only gets in to Al Jadaf at 1.50pm.

  4. how much is round trip ticket from al jadaf station to dubai water canal and back? Will it be running in the first week of april?
    Thank you

    1. The trip is 50 dirhams each way. The only option if you want to return is to take the 10am ferry. There is no reason why the trip would not be running in April unless any changes are announced before that.

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