Dubai Ferry Tickets

There are two types of tickets available on the Dubai Ferry depending on which class you choose to travel in – silver or gold class.

Ticket Prices


Route Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Marina 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina to Al Ghubaiba 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Dubai Marina Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba Circular Trip 50 Dirhams 75 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Sharjah Aquarium and vice versa  15 Dirhams 25 Dirhams
Al Ghubaiba to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

Dubai Marina to Dubai Canal Station or Vice Versa

25 Dirhams 35 Dirhams

There is also a family ticket bundle available as follows:

Touristic Trips Ticket Price – Silver Ticket Price – Gold
Family Bundle (2 adults and 2 children) 140 Dirhams 210 Dirhams

Dubai Water Canal

The ferry is no longer running along Dubai Water Canal and the service has been changed to the Dubai Water Bus. Tickets are 2 dirhams per stop.

Gold Class
The gold class (of which there are 14 seats) is at the front of the boat in a separate area with more comfortable seats.

Silver Class
The Silver class seats (of which there are 84)  are in the main body of the boat and from here you also have access to the outside area at the back of the boat. Gold Class customers can also use this area if they wish.

The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.
The exterior area of the ferry which is accessible from the Silver Class cabin.

Children under 5 years old travel for free on the Dubai Ferry. Children aged 5 years or over pay the full adult ticket price. It is possible to use a pushchair on the Dubai Ferry.

Buying Tickets

You can buy your Dubai Ferry Tickets at the ferry terminus (each one has its own ticket office right next to where the ferry departs) and they can be paid for by either cash, debit or credit card or Nol card. Your Nol card will need to be charged up with the full fare beforehand.

You can also buy tickets from the RTA website.

The tourist trips run for around an hour so this is a quite good value for a tour of the Dubai coastline.

There are also two spaces available for wheelchair users in the silver class area of the ferry.

The Dubai Ferry is also available for private hire – contact the RTA on 800 9090 for further information.

508 thoughts on “Dubai Ferry Tickets”

  1. Dear Admin,
    please update me , is this ist come ist serve . or who buys ticket he can travel . Suppose if there are more passengers (more than capacity of Boat) then who will travel . please clear this.


    1. It is first come, first served. They will only sell the number of tickets for the capacity of the ferry.

  2. Jak dlouho musím být před odjezdem (7:45) musím být na místě ? Lze koupit jízdenku na místě den do předu ? Mám to daleko od hotelu. Děkuji.
    Trajekt Fr5.

      1. Not correct. You can’t buy the Tickets with ca Phone um er from outside Dubai. Ithas to Start with 971. So tourists can not buy ferry Tickets online.

        1. I’m not sure what you are saying about something being not correct. I agree (and have posted) that you can only buy online with a UAE number.

  3. Hello,
    I want to order tickets from RTA, but I’m having problems entering my German phone number. It says that I should start with 971. My phone number starts with 0162. Can you please tell me how to enter it correctly! It’s a mandatory field and so I can’t get any further. Thank you very much and kind regards

        1. At the moment, unless you can find someone with a UAE number, it seems to be the case that you would have to book in person. OR you can call the RTA and see if you can book by phone 800 9090.

  4. Hello, i can’t buy 2 tickets from Marina to al Ghubaiba 29.12.2023 at 6p.m. Please help me, It is possible to reserve this cruise for 2 adults

    1. Those tickets are available to buy online via the RTA website. If you can’t buy online try calling the RTA to see if you can buy tickets over the phone.

  5. Hallo, wir möchten gerne am 29.12.2023 um 13 Uhr mit der Fähre von der Marina Mall nach Al Ghubaiba fahren. Leider kann ich nur Tickets für 18 Uhr buchen. Fährt die Fähre nicht um 13 Uhr oder gibt es keine Tickets mehr?

    Viele Grüße Tiemo

    1. Hallo, ja, es sieht so aus, als ob die 13-Uhr-Fahrt von Mittwoch, dem 27., bis Sonntag, dem 31. Dezember, nicht verfügbar ist, aber diese Fahrten sind im Plan aufgeführt. Ja, vielleicht sind sie alle ausgebucht, aber die Tatsache, dass die 18-Uhr-Fahrten noch nicht ausgebucht sind, lässt mich vermuten, dass sie die Tickets noch nicht freigegeben haben. Es kann sich lohnen, das Ticketbuchungssystem im Auge zu behalten, um zu sehen, ob sie irgendwann erscheinen.

  6. Good day.
    I am planning to take the ferry from Al Ghubaib to Dubai Marina. Do I understand correctly that I am taking the FR 1 ferry to Dubai Canal first and then I need to change to the FR ferry ?
    Do I need to buy two separate tickets for each line ?
    Can I buy tickets at the ferry terminal two days in advance ?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Artur, no you do not need to change ferry. The ferry just stops at Dubai Canal and then continues on to Dubai Marina. The ticket costs 50 dirhams (silver). You can only buy tickets on the day from the terminal (as we understand it) although you can buy tickets in advance using the link shown near the bottom of the article.

      1. You can t buy the tickets online without an UAE phone number. I tried to put another number but when I make the payment I have to put my phone number and the transaction failed.

          1. The answer that “this is a problem for visitors” is rather unsatisfying and frustrating.
            HOW DO I GET TICKETS if the online link constantly declines my payment??
            Please advise

      1. 1-what times do the ferries leave and how would we know them in advance
        2-for abra boat taking across the creek, is it when my family comes there the abra will take us immediately or do they have specific timings

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